How To Wear Jeans Over 50: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

How To Wear Jeans Over 50: The Ultimate Guide (1)

How to wear jeans over 50? While doing some research to write this article, I even came across a “scientific” answer: according to experts, in fact, the exact age to stop wearing jeans would be 53!

After this threshold, never, ever wear jeans, mind you! 😉

Leaving aside the ridiculous and nonsensical answers, we all agree that a nice pair of jeans donating and fashionable is an ageless garment, which can be worn indifferently by young girls as well as 70 years old, if they wish.

Answered then the main question, our attention should be turned rather to how to wear jeans at 50 and beyond.

So how to wear jeans over 50 to have a chic and juvenile style, but also suitable for our age and physique?

These are, in my opinion, the aspects to consider:

Choose your jeans according to your physical proportions

Choose a model that suits your physique.

At 20 as at 50 or 60 years old, in fact, the first criterion for choosing jeans are your proportions. Generally, with time, our body changes a bit and even those who had perfect hourglass proportions can find themselves with a little bit of belly.

Therefore, I recommend to take the measures and try many models. Never as this year fashion offers us so many alternatives, from the timeless skinny jeans to flared models, to the short ankle mom jeans that suit so many women.

Here you can find some other models that are perfect on most women over 50:

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Choose the right denim wash

Prefer an elegant, discreet wash and go for smooth patterns without frills and appliqués.

Be warned, though: it doesn’t have to be a dark, serious dark blue model.

Washes that are also a bit washed out are fine, but avoid those with strategic “colorings”: lighter washes on your butt, or a lighter central part to make your legs look slimmer are never chic nor age appropriate.

They don’t work on high school girls, let alone us over 50!

Are there any jeans styles that are universally flattering?

Straight-leg styles with a medium to medium-high waist and a small percentage of spandex in my opinion look good on the vast majority of women.

The medium-high waist also usually suits many women over 50.

It visually lengthens the legs and, more importantly, creates a slightly containing effect on your waistline thanks to the textured yet soft fabric.

A welcome help, often, even for the slimmest and fittest of 50-year-olds.

The right style

It’s convenient to have a pair of jeans of the type described in your closet, but it’s not necessarily the perfect style for every 50-year-old.

Skinny jeans may be less present, but they have become a classic.

If they suit you, wear them freely to enhance your beautiful legs!

Avoid those that are too long at the ankle and too tight at the bottom, because they emphasize the hips and the butt. Go for a moderate skinny model rather than a super tight one.

If you have a nice, slim ankle and long legs compared to the bust, choose a model slightly short at the ankle, either straight or slightly bootcut (flared).

Do you have short legs compared to the bust?

Choose a model with a high enough waist: for the human eye, in fact, the legs begin where the waist of your jeans begins and yours will seem longer with this kind of style.

How to wear oversized jeans at 50?

How to wear oversized models?

In my opinion, even though they are fashionable, they don’t look good on almost anyone. But if you really love them, go ahead and wear them.

A model to reconcile fashion and fit is represented by the Levi’s Ribcage Jeans, a model that in fact is having great success.

Although they are very soft on the hips, they create a feminine silhouette and very modern and trendy. I have them too and use them often.

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The only trick is to choose a more fitted jacket or coat that fits right at the shoulders. In this way you will avoid stuffing yourself and look heavier than you are.

Also, if you have nice thin ankles, shorten the hem of your jeans and make them clearly visible. This simple trick will take the stubby look away from any oversized style.

How to wear skinny jeans over 50?

First of all, they haven’t gone out of style at all. They have simply become a classic.

So if you have slim legs, nice ankles and calves that aren’t too big, put them on because they are ultra feminine!

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How do you wear jeans this year?

But if skinny jeans are not for you or you’re simply tired of them, this year you can find many other trendy styles such as flare jeans, bootcut jeans (slightly flared but less extreme than flare jeans, a strategic model even if you want to round the hips and be more sexy in jeans) and even mom jeans.

Personally, I’m using this Levi’s model non-stop this year, which I find fabulous and versatile.

In general, the softer and oversized the model, the more you have to play with contrasts.

So yes to tighter tops and blouses, structured outerwear (blazers, coats) and a feminine shoe with a bit of a heel.

Make only the jeans appear oversized, not you!

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Can you wear ripped jeans over 50?

If they drive you crazy, go ahead and wear them. At 50, we’ve earned the right to wear whatever we want, even if it’s not necessarily the most stylish choice.

The thing to know, though, is that they create a jarring contrast with our face, causing us to age visually.

It’s not a matter of looking younger than your age or being fit, believe me.

How To Wear Jeans Over 50: The Ultimate Guide (6)

It’s that no matter how well we carry our age, certain details, like ripped and destroyed jeans, simply make our faces look more scarred and aged.

That doesn’t mean we have to limit ourselves to serious dark blue wash mom jeans, as we often hear recommended.

Let’s choose a washed denim, but avoid frayed rips. Rather, if we love the genre, styles that are slightly fringed at the hem look better and more age appropriate (but don’t overdo it).

Where will you wear your jeans?

Easily, a 50-year-old will have more adult, formal and elegant occasions than, say, a 17-year-old high school girl.

Therefore, when it comes to determining how to wear jeans at 50 to look fabulous, we must adapt jeans to the occasion as well.

And here’s the fun part!

Jeans, in fact, are an extremely versatile garment, capable of easily transporting us from the walk in the countryside to the evening in the chic club.

Basta abbinarli bene.

Here are some examples of outfits that are always perfect and chic when it comes to how to wear jeans over 50:

For a walk with friends during the day:

Choose a pair of jeans that leaves the ankle uncovered and wear them with sneakers of a trendy model, T-shirt and blazer or a silk bomber jacket for a more trendy look.

For a dinner or an aperitif in a nice little restaurant:

Wear skinny, straight or bootcut jeans, ankle boots/pumps/sandals with a medium or medium-high heel, a blouse or a silk top. If it’s cold, pair this look with a nice elegant coat.

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For an interview at school, at the bank, or other formal occasions:

Dark washed jeans, simple but elegant shoes with medium heels (for example a beautiful Chanel-style slingback model) , a silk or viscose blouse and a blazer.

The structured garment contrasts nicely with the sportiness of the jeans, creating a look that is modern and young, but also appropriate for the occasion.

On vacation or on the go:

Jeans, comfortable shoes and a nicer top or blouse. Avoid pairing them with sweatshirts, chunky sweaters, windbreakers or sporty hooded down jackets just because you’re on vacation or traveling.

The “foreign tourist” look doesn’t look good on anyone and it gets old. Rather, let’s take the opportunity to study how local women dress and add that extra chic touch.

A few months ago I was on vacation in Paris. The chic Parisian woman, even the most casual, pairs her jeans with trendy sneakers or comfortable ankle boots, a nice trench coat or wool coat that defines the waist, a flirty top, maybe patterned, and a nice blazer.

How to wear leggings at 50 – or rather jeggings, that super stretchy hybrid of leggings and jeans?

Worn as regular pants, unfortunately, jeggings enhance any inch of you tummy and are not chic even on a very, very skinny woman.

So, better to use them for what they are: a substitute for stockings!

They can be very cute and wearable even over 50, but in the right way:

  • with a classic long shirt halfway down the side, white or blue
  • under a long knitted tunic and a shorter jacket, for example a studded jacket
  • with a high-necked knitted mini-dress, black, which slims the whole figure

Never, ever use them as pants! (applies to other types of leggings as well)

How to wear jeans at 50, in conclusion?

How To Wear Jeans Over 50: The Ultimate Guide (8)

Adapting them first to our physique, our personal style and only then to our age.

With modern-classic styles that are simple in their details, with a dark wash or even slightly washed, but still chic and without any “strategic” discolorations, we never go wrong.

To decree the winning model should always be the mirror test. Let’s try many pairs of jeans (here below you can find a roundup of some of the most flattering styles for women over 50), let’s observe ourselves with a careful eye and then choose only the one that enhances us to the maximum.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need 1,000 jeans in your closet: 2-3 models perfect on us are enough!

Here you’ll find some denim styles that are perfect even at 50 and beyond:

How To Wear Jeans Over 50: The Ultimate Guide (9)

Also check out this video on how to wear jeans over 50 and subscribe to my Youtube channel (turn English subtitles on):


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